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What’s The Big Deal?

Hey friends. There is so much I want to say and share. I am excited, full of gratitude, and a little bit giddy as I write this. I am actually having a little trouble finding just the right words and zeroing in on one main message, but my hope is that the finished product will be meaningful and valuable to you.


You see, this article is the first to be posted on this newly created website. Up until now, I have published a few articles on a blog-only site. OK. So, what’s the big deal you might ask? Let’s dive in.


To put it mildly, creating this website was all new territory for me. I knew nothing about how to do it. It was completely out of my comfort zone – on so many levels. For one thing, anything technical gives me hives and heart palpitations. But even scarier was the doubt. Who would want to read it? Do I have anything significant to say? Will it be a total waste of time and energy? But yet, even with all those reasons not to do it, that little voice deep inside of me kept saying, “you are supposed to do this”.


And so here we are.


I’ll share a little secret. Creating this website isn’t really about creating a website. It is about the reasons I did it. It is about breaking through a very hard season of life and choosing to live, laugh, and love again. It is about following my heart and not being afraid of judgement or criticism. It is about uncovering purpose, self-worth, and hope.


And so, my friend. What about you? Do you hear a nagging little voice? Are you resisting the urge to step out of your comfort zone? Are you wanting/needing to explore something new, different? Or maybe you’re stuck in a place of self-doubt and uncertainty.


Here’s what I’ve learned:


  1. Life isn’t about settling and accepting. It is about living! Feeling! Embracing!
  2. Breaking out of comfort zones (big or small) can be difficult and extremely rewarding all at the same time. Just do it!
  3. That little voice could be an invitation to a whole new world of purpose and passion. Act on it! NOW!
  4. Living with purpose is a game changer. Discover your purpose! 

Launching this website is not the finish line. It is just the beginning. It is the start of a whole new, exciting adventure. It represents survival, courage, and faith. Life is a gift, friends, not to be taken for granted. It is precious. Each and every life. Yours and mine. And you know what? That’s a big deal!

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