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It’s Gonna Take Some Pruning

A little beauty caught my eye recently with her cascading green foliage and vibrant blooms. I knew she would be the perfect addition to our patio, so I made the purchase and brought her home. I proudly hung her from a garden hook, strategically placed beside our patio where she stole the show. She was beautiful. I loved sitting in my chair and staring at her. I felt happy and a sense of calm.


But sadly, she started to show signs of a struggle. Her blooms started to drop, and her leaves started to shrivel. She was no longer the full, colorful plant she once was. Even though I would give her a daily dose of water, the Texas sun and strong winds proved to be too much. These powerful forces were breaking her down. Her needs were not being met. She just couldn’t keep up. With each passing day, hope for survival was fading as quickly as her blossoms. When I looked at her, instead of joy, I felt sadness.


It was decision time. Do I just sit by and watch her decline? Do I give up and throw her away? Do I make some changes and try to save her? The easiest choice would have been to toss her, but that option just didn’t feel right. She deserved more. She was worthy of a fighting chance. So, I chose to make some changes and try to save her. I grabbed my pruning shears and went to work. Any broken twig or fading bloom was removed in order to encourage and allow for new growth. She was given a nourishing drink of water. The hanger which was attached to her basket was taken off as it was no longer needed. She now lives in a new location nestled securely on top of a plant stand inside the covered patio. She is being protected from the beating sun and unforgiving winds. She has been given a chance to heal and regain her full potential and purpose.


Have you been broken by life’s relentless forces? Are you ignoring the warning signs of anxiety and hopelessness? Do you ever feel like surrendering and giving up? I’ve been there, my friend. Life has thrown some major curve balls in my direction. I found myself stuck in a place where I thought I would never smile again. My dreams seemed to have shattered. It became difficult to leave my house because of overwhelming feelings of deep despair. Life had changed in a way I never could have imagined.


I was hurting. The brokenness of fear, worry, and sadness was suffocating my very soul. I knew I was in desperate need of some major pruning. It’s been a long and painful road, but I can finally say I am making progress. The dark, consuming storm has started to lift. Glimpses of radiant sunshine are poking through. I can breathe again. I am smiling again. I am on a path of rediscovering my passion and purpose for life.


Do you need some pruning? Are you longing to smile again? To breathe again? Are you ready? Friend, let me encourage you not to ignore your struggle or to give up. Acknowledge it. Talk about it. Write about it. Pray about it. Meet it head on. Seek tools that will help you move out of hopelessness into new growth. That might mean reconnecting with loved ones, diving into self-reflection, or finding outside help. It will require patience and commitment, motivation and determination…every single day. Life’s storms will continue to blow in but know the sun can shine again. You can breathe again. You can smile again. My prayer for you is that you find the necessary tools and that with each and every pruning, a glorious new bloom will emerge offering you hope, joy, and purpose.


Wishing you well, dear friends,


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