Section 1:  Understanding Optimal Health vs. Disease

Section 2:  Self-Improvement & Personal Growth

Section 3:  Cookbooks & Food as Medicine Guides

Section 4:  Helpful Apps & Websites

A few years ago, I was not in a good place physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Given some trying life events, along with my age, I believed this was the way I was supposed to feel. I believed there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I believed my only choice was to accept my circumstances, embrace this “normal” process of aging, and try to make the best of it.


Boy, was I wrong!


Thankfully, through as a series of circumstances, I began a journey that opened up a whole new, exciting, and life-altering world to me. I began learning that this wasn’t the way I was supposed to feel and there was definitely something (a lot of somethings!) I could do to change it.


I am excited to share these resources which have been extremely helpful in my health and wellness journey. This ever-growing Resource List includes very dedicated, determined, and well-respected doctors, scientists, and researchers in the health and wellness space, as well as standout leaders in the self-improvement world.  Their work is revolutionizing current and very outdated beliefs and practices and is impacting the lives of millions of people. I am so blessed to be one of them. 


Please note: this list is far from complete. As I learn more and more, I will continue to add to it. While I am not a medical professional, I am on a quest to reach and understand the dynamics of optimal health and wellness, not only for myself, but for others who are also looking for answers. 




Dr. Mark Hyman

   Podcast:  The Doctor’s Farmacy

   Books:  Young Forever

                The Pegan Diet (includes recipes)

Dr. Jason Fung

   Books:  The Obesity Code

                The Diabetes Code


Cynthia Thurlow, NP

   Podcast: Everyday Wellness

   Book:  Intermittent Fasting Transformation


Kelly Leveque

   Podcast:  Be Well by Kelly

   Books:  Body Love (includes recipes)

                Body Love Every Day (includes recipes)


Max Lugavere

   Podcast:  The Genius Life

   Book:  Genius Kitchen (includes recipes)


Dr. Catherine Shanahan

   Book:  Deep Nutrition


Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S.; Dr. Stephen Sinatra, F.A.C.C.

   Book:  The Great Cholesterol Myth


Dr. David Perlmutter

   Book: Drop Acid


Dr. William Davis

   Book:  Super Gut


Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

   Book:  Younger You


Benjamin Bikman, Ph.D

   Book:  Why We Get Sick


Dr. Will Cole

Podcast:  The Art of Being Well with Dr. Will Cole

Book: Gut Feelings





Ed Mylett

   Podcast: The Ed Mylett Show

   Book: The Power of One More


Lewis Howes

   Podcast: The School of Greatness

   Book: The Greatness Mindset


Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

   Podcast: Feel Better Live More


Dhru Purohit

   Podcast: Dhru Purohit Podcast


Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

   Book:  Boundaries


James Clear

   Book:  Atomic Habits


Power Spicing by Rachel Beller, MS, RDN


Yuka: use this free app to scan barcodes on food and personal care products. Yuka will rate items from poor to excellent based on ingredient safety and toxicity levels. If a product rates poorly, Yuka will recommend a healthier alternative.

EWG (Environmental Working Group):

the focus of this non-profit centers around researching environmental hazards. Their mission is to educate the public and change current policies which are putting our health in danger.